We are All Natural.  We make our own Vegetarian feed. Our eggs are hand washed and inspected from happy free ranged chickens.  All animals are  free ranged. Locally rasised and processed.  Pork and Beef are pastured.
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Poultry/ Misc Meats
Roasting Chicken    $ 3.50/lbs
Soup Chicken          $ 3.00/lbs
Chicken Feet            $ 3.00/pk
Brown Chicken Eggs            $4.00/Dz
Muscovy Duck          $ 4.50/lbs
​Pheasant                $ 8.00/lbs
Duck Eggs               $10.00/Dz
Whole Turkey           $ 4.00/lbs
Goose                      $ 5.50/lbs
Ground Turkey         $ 8.00/lbs
Quail   PK 4              $36.00
Smoked Bacon        $ 7.00/PK

Shank Ham              $ 6.00/lbs
Smoked Hocks         $ 3.00/lbs
Smoke  Neck bones $ 3.00/lbs
Pork Chops              $ 5.00/lbs
Pork Loin Roast      $ 5.00/lbs 
Sausage Reg/Maple$ 6.00/lbs
Spare Ribs               $ 5.00/lbs
Whole Hanging Wt   $ 3.50/lbs
UnRendered Lard    $ 3.00/lbs
Rabbit                     $ 4.50/lbs
1 # PK
1 # PK
Ground Beef            $ 6.00/lbs
1 # PK
Liver                        $ 3.00/lbs
Tongue                    $ 5.00/lbs
Heart                       $ 3.00/lbs
Chuck Roast            $ 6.00/lbs
Rib Roast               $20.00 /lbs
Rump Roast             $ 6.00/lbs
​Beef Ribs                 $ 6.00/lbs
Sirloin-Tip  Roast    $ 7.00 /lbs
Ribeye Steak           $16.00/lbs

Sirloin Steak           $ 13.00/lbs
T-Bone Steak         $ 16.00/lbs
Roasts are in packages of 2-3 pounds. Chops are 4 per package
Roasts are in packages of 2-3 pounds.  Steaks are individually Packed and cut 1" thick
Tenderloin              $ 24.00/lbs
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Sherwood Game Farm
1 # PK
1/2 Hanging Wt        $ 4.50/lbs
New York Strip       $16.00/lbs
Porterhouse            $16.00/lbs
​Filet                         $24.00/lbs
Appleyard Duck        $ 5.50/lbs
1 # PK
​Sausage Links         $ 6.00/lbs
1/4 Beef                   $ 4.50/lbs
1/2 Beef                   $ 4.00/lbs
​Butt Ham                  $ 6.00/lbs
​Ham Steaks             $ 6.00/lbs
​Liver Sausage          $ 6.00/PK
​Pork Steaks             $ 5.00/lbs
​Brats    8 pk              $ 6.00/lbs
Shoulder/Picnic Ham      $ 6.00/lbs
Turkey Legs 2pk      $ 8.00/lbs
Turkey Wings 2pk    $ 8.00/lbs
Quail Eggs              $10.00/DZ